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More Money Less Hustle

February 07, 2022 Michelle Risi Season 3 Episode 84
Aligned Agent Podcast
More Money Less Hustle
Show Notes

How does More Money Less Hustle sound to you?

Host Michelle Risi welcomes Jess Lenouvel and she's talking all about her new book "More Money, Less Hustle"

Jess shares the pivotal moment she realized that the successful business she built was not want she wanted.  In fact, she's spent the last 15 years coaching and mentoring agents on how to create a 7-figure business without sacrificing your freedom and fulfillment.

Join Jess as she reveals the 6 pillars to a 7-figure business, the foundation for getting "More Money, Less Hustle"

For more information about Jess and her new book, visit: 

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