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The Best Strategy for Real Estate Prospecting in 2022 + 3 Reasons You Haven't Seen Results Yet!

April 18, 2022 Michelle Risi Season 4 Episode 89
Aligned Agent Podcast
The Best Strategy for Real Estate Prospecting in 2022 + 3 Reasons You Haven't Seen Results Yet!
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Today I am walking you through the best prospecting strategy for real estate in 2022 and the 3 main reasons why you are probably not seeing results. 


The Best Strategy for Real Estate Prospecting in 2022 + 3 Reasons You Haven't Seen Results Yet! 

I want to let you in on a little secret: everything works. Door to door, cold calling, email lists, social media, strategic alliances... The list goes on! 

But this next KEY element is really the one that’s often forgotten, and is the reason why you’re not getting the results you want: It's not about the strategy itself ... it's about finding the one that works best for YOU. 

Now, knowing that to get any results, you HAVE to take consistent action, here’s what I want you to do. 

Pick One! 

Now that you've picked a strategy here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure nothing IS getting in your way: 

  1. What FEARS could be preventing me from prospecting consistently?
  2. What SYSTEMS do I have in place to do prospecting everyday? Do I LACK systems?
  3. Is my strategy in ALIGNMENT with my Blueprint? Or am I working in ways that feel unnatural to me? 

If you need some help figuring out which prospecting strategy you should choose, and what's standing in your way of actually doing it, then this is the video for you!


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In today's episode, I'm going to be sharing
with you the secret behind which prospecting

strategy works and the three reasons why you
might not be seeing the results that you want.

Hey, I'm Michelle Risi, founder of the aligned
agent academy, where I get to help agents

Like you create a multi-figure your business
by increasing productivity and reducing the


And today I'm going to show you how.

Hey there.

Thanks so much for joining in and for taking
the time to tune in to this week's episode,

I'm really excited about this topic because
it's something that I think all agents struggle


And it's probably one of the most important
things in your business prospecting.

today I'm going to talk a little bit about
why prospecting seems so difficult for so

many of us and some of the ways that you can
find the strategy that's going to work best

for you.

Here's the thing.

There's not one strategy that works better
than the other.

Everything works.

If it works for you, whether it's cold calling,
door knocking, social media, strategic alliances,

geographic farming, the list goes on and on.

We know that all of these things work because
there's evidence out there all around us every

single day from agents who are seeing success.

The key is really not about the strategy itself.

It's about finding the one that's going to
work best for you.

Here's what I want you to do.

I want you to stop listening to other people,
stop listening to the people that are telling

you that that'll never work because here's
the real reason why they're sharing.

One they're either projecting their own fears
and failures on you or two, they have some

sort of invested interest in having you buy
into their methodology or program.

Now, remember everything works.

The question is why is it not working for

Now we know that to get any result in anything
that we do in our business,

We have to have action.

If you're not taking aligned action, you're
not going to get the results that you want.

And when it comes to prospecting and lead
generation, you have to be taking these actions


Your business depends on people.

It's about the people that you're meeting.

If you're not meeting new people, if you're
not connecting with new people, if you are

not having conversations every single day
with people in your database with people you've

just met, then are you really in.

So before I jump in and share with you how
to pick a strategy, that's going to work for

you and talking a little bit about some of
the reasons Y you might be getting stuck in


Let me know in the comments below, if prospecting
is something that you struggle with, and while

you're there, don't forget to subscribe so
that you don't miss out on my next video.

All right.

So if action and consistency are the key to
getting results, then the bigger question

you have to ask yourself is which one will
I do?

Which when am I prepared to commit to, and
what's standing in my way, we know that everything


So the best place to start is to find the
strategy that's going to work for you in the

ways that it's going to work for you.

The ones that are going to be most aligned
to the clients that you want to serve.

Now, before you get all eager and decide to
jump in and pick a strategy.

Let me talk a little bit about some of the
things that might be showing up in your business,

and some of the reasons why you might be struggling
with getting the results that you want.

The first thing that you need to watch out
for is that big four letter.

Fear we all face it.

We've all experienced it, especially when
it comes to prospecting.

As I went through those lists of prospecting
strategies with you, I want you to notice

which ones you might've been reacting to.

Where did your shoulders go up?

Where did you start to feel all tense?

There are so many clues that are hidden behind
the things that we resist and it's those things

that we resist and that we try to push away
that are usually the ones that are the most

confronting in terms of our fears.

So is it a fear of having to now sell yourself
to people you already know?

Is it a fear of talking to strangers?

what's really going on behind the resistance?

You've heard me say this before, and I'll
say it again.

We are not wired for success.

We're wired for safety.

We're wired for efficiency, which is why our
brains already come equipped with a safety

mechanism, which means anytime we are confronted
with something that might be new or unfamiliar

or something that we've interpreted as scary,
like door knocking.

Whatever it is, your brain is going to respond
with a safety mechanism because it's trying

to keep you safe.

So it's going to put you on high alert.

And when that happens, your brain literally
starts to decrease that blood flow going to

the brain.

And that really impacts how we think logically,
which is why fear tends to overtake us.

Whether it's fear of failure, fear of rejection,
or even fear of success.

The brain is designed in ways that it's going
to want to stop us.

It's going to want to hold us back, which
is why we tend to tiptoe around prospecting.

So well, So the very first thing we need to
do is to figure out what fear are we facing

and why is it getting in the way of us showing
up consistently to the prospecting activities

that we need to do?

The ones that we know are going to get us
the results.

The second thing that gets in the way for
a lot of reasons, Really has to do with lack

of systems.

Now, consistency is a habit, just like anything

And when you're trying to build a habit of
consistency, it's important that you stay

focused and committed, which means you have
to be repeating these actions often enough.

Now what usually gets in the way of us repeating
these actions is the lack of system.

So the question I have for you to consider
is, do you actually have a routine in place?

Do you have a set schedule or an idea of when
you're going to be engaging in prospecting


Or are you just flying by the seat of your
pants and deciding when to do it when you

feel like it, structure and systems are extremely
important in your business.

And if you don't have those, your brain is
going to be sensing these activities as something

threatening as something new.

And as we know, anytime we're confronted with
something new and unfamiliar, the brain is

going to respond and its response to this

The threat is, is that it's going to want
to hold you back.

And that's when you start to experience things
like procrastination or shiny objects, the

more predictable you can make your prospecting,
the better off it's going to be for you because

your brain is now going to set you up for

So here's what I want you to.

I want you to take some time to plan out your
prospecting routine.

When will you do it?

What does that actually look like for how
long were you going to be carving these things

out for now, as you're building out this ideal
workweek or this ideal activity schedule,

here's a few things I want you to read.

First of all, are you setting yourself up
for success or are you setting yourself up

for failure?

One of the things I see most often with agents
is that they go and schedule prospecting time

during times where they know they're going
to be distracted.

If that sounds like you, then it's time to
change that now because you cannot build a

habit of consistency.

If you're not setting yourself up for six.

So really have an honest look at your schedule
and really start plugging in the times that

are going to work best for you.

The times that you're actually going to be
able to commit to this active.

The last thing that usually holds people back
really has to do with a lack of alignment.

Now, I did a previous video on alignment where
I talked a little bit about your blueprint

and what alignment actually means.

So make sure you check that one out, but as
it stands for prospecting, the reason why

lack of alignment seems to be so prominent
with so many agents when it comes to prospecting

is because again, we're not really working
according to our blueprint.

So really have a look again at how you're
scheduling yourself, what strategies you're

actually choosing.

If you're somebody that works better face
to face, and you really don't like being behind

a desk, then make sure you're not choosing
a strategy that requires you to be behind

a desk.

That's requiring you to focus on tasks or

Chances are, you're probably better off with
some more face-to-face activities.

Likewise, take a look at your energy levels.

If you are a night owl and that's when you
function best and make sure you're setting

prime tasks like you're prospecting during
the times of the day that you actually have

the energy and the capacity to do it, there's
nothing worse...

like trying to schedule something like prospecting,
which not too many people love during times

where you're already feeling drained and down
and low.

So if you're a morning person really capitalize
on that, if afternoons work best for you,

then see if you can start scheduling some
of those activities during those times.

Your ability to work in alignment with your
blueprint is really one of the keys to you

being able to achieve those results.

So we have fear that gets in the way, we have
lack of systems, and we have lack of alignment.

Remember, prospecting is the number one activity.

That's going to drive your business forward
because without people you don't have business.

And the last thing I want to leave you with
is this reminder that everything works.

You just have to find the one and the ways
that are going to work for you, results will

come when you show up consistently and you're
taking aligned action.

If you're looking for more ways of getting
clarity on, what's really holding you back,

like really getting to the root cause of some
of the things that are stopping you in your


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Thanks so much for joining me and I look forward
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For now.