Aligned Agent Podcast

ALIGN Yourself with Richard Robbins

January 25, 2021 Michelle Risi Season 3 Episode 71
Aligned Agent Podcast
ALIGN Yourself with Richard Robbins
Show Notes

If you're ready to finally start creating a beautiful life, this episode is for you!

Join Michelle Risi and Richard Robbins in this personal heart to heart talk about what it means to ALIGN yourself and how you too can create more freedom and fulfillment in your business.

Michelle Risi was an honoured guest on The Richard Robbins show.  This chart-topping podcast features some of the best leaders and minds in the world, sharing their secrets to build an extraordinary business and a beautiful life!

Michelle and Richard talk about:
- Alignment
- Work-Life Balance
- The importance of Self-Awareness in Entrepreneurship
- How to create a beautiful life and and an impactful business

For more information on Richard Robbins, head on over to or check out the episodes show notes.

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